Lillie Georgieva



Lillie Georgieva is a career development and change consultant. Since 2015, she has supported more than 300 clients in her individual practice and over 1000 – in group consulting, to get their career satisfaction, purpose and joy back, either in their current or in a new profession, position, company or business. She has developed her own career change methodology that works from the inside – out, i.e. from getting to know one’s essence to formulating adequate ways to express it careerwise.

Lillie unites over 200 of her clients, mostly ladies, in an online community who also meet live, for special events, and some of them already make business or are close friends who support each other. The very sincere stories of some of these women as well as other Bulgarian women are the backbone of her book about career change, issued in 2018, called “For the love of oneself”.

Lillie is a certified career development facilitator (GCDF) by NBCC International , a NLP master practitian, certified by NLP Training Center, a Master in Human Resources Management by NBU, a trainer and a presenter in various career forums and business trainings. She has accumulated her HRM expertise in a subsidiary of a German top company as well as in a Bulgarian company, a world leader in its field.

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